European Gold Manufacturers  Association  
Gold is myth, beauty, power, abundance, preciousness and uniqueness. Gold has always brought different values to mind, playing a major role in our lives. That is why in the past alchemists used to hallmark this noble metal with a sun symbol to distinguish its great value. A new version of this hallmark has been promoted by EMAGOLD since 1991 (European Gold Manufacturers’ Association).
EMAGOLD is a non profit-making organisation assembling 120 European Gold Manufacturers. Its mission is to create a hallmark that appears to consumers as a symbol identifying the most progressive, advanced part of the European gold industry.
Therefore, EMAGOLD aims at controlling, promoting and marketing quality products. Quality that not only complies with alloys used but also guarantees consumers first-rate products and services.
With this strategic vision, EMAGOLD wishes to take into account consumers’ increasingly different requirements, ever more oriented towards value for money.
EMAGOLD products already coincide with this principle, controlled by an external body and identified by the only collective hallmark in the gold sector.